Seminar: Material is the Machine by Jifei Ou (MIT Media Lab)



Material is the Machine

by Jifei Ou (MIT Media Lab)

12/13 (Wed) 17:00~18:00
@Conference Room #5, 10F, Eng. Bldg. #2, Hongo campus, The university of Tokyo
(東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部2号館 10F 電気系会議室5)

I would like to give a 40-min presentation to share my research on designing programmable materials at mesoscale.The ability to programmably assemble materials with tailored architectures at the centimeter, millimeter, and micrometer length scales enables tunable mechanical, optical and electrical properties. Those properties determine not only the static performance, but also, when energized, the dynamic behavior of a material. The emerging material performance and behavior allows us to design unprecedented object and environment with input (sensing) and output (actuation) capabilities, which can be exploited for the next generation of Human-Material Interaction design.


About the Speaker

Jifei Ou (欧冀飞) is a designer, researcher and PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab, where he focuses on designing and fabricating transformable materials across scales (from μm to m). As much as his work is informed by digital technology, he is inspired in equal measure by the natural world around him. He has been leading projects that study bio-mimicry and bio-derived materials to design shape-changing packaging, garments and furniture. He has been organizing workshops on shape-shifting materials with researchers, students and artists around the world. He is also deeply involved in the manufacturing community in Shenzhen in order to facilitate the real world application of his research.