In microwave wireless power transfer systems, Simultaneous Wireless and Information Transfer (SWIPT) is a useful method for battery-less devices as it transmits power and information to the device simultaneously. However, conventional SWIPT systems, where continuous waves are utilized for realizations, power deteriorations are severe when transmitting information, which confines the working areas of the battery-less devices. To mitigate this problem, multitone-based SWIPT has been proposed. Multitone waveforms consist of multiple waveforms to have high peak to average power, which results in increasing the power conversion efficiencies at the receiver without increasing the transmit power. In contrast to the conventional frequency shifted multitone-based SWIPT method, where FFTs are utilized to decode information, we have proposed the light weight calculation method by measuring peak to average power ratio of the received signal. This enables us to implement mutltone-based SWIPT systems for battery-less devices whose computational resources are too small to leverage FFTs.

Takashi Ikeuchi, Yoshihiro Kawahara

Contact: ikeuchi@akg.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp