Circuit Eraser: 銀ナノインク回路の『消しゴム』 Circuit Eraser: A Tool for Iterative Design with Conductive Ink


メラミンスポンジと各種液体 Melamine sponge and several kind of solvents
メラミンスポンジと各種液体 Melamine sponge and several kind of solvents (a)1Ω抵抗に接続 (b)消しゴム (c)1kΩ抵抗に変更 (d)1Ω抵抗に再接続
(a)Connect 1Ω resistor (b)Erase (c)Reconnect 1kΩ resistor (d)Connect back 1Ω resistor (a)1Ω抵抗に接続 (b)消しゴム (c)1kΩ抵抗に変更 (d)1Ω抵抗に再接続
(a)Connect 1Ω resistor (b)Erase (c)Reconnect 1kΩ resistor (d)Connect back 1Ω resistor
Concept of this system


We realized Circuit Eraser, which can erase/rewrite electric circuit patterns made by the technology of silver ink.
Using sintering-free silver nano-particle ink, it’s getting easier to rapidly prototype electronic devices only with a pen or a printer. However, exitsting conductive pens make it difficult to erase/rewrite already drawn patterns. Eraser enables us to make it in the trial-and-error prototyping and primary study for children.
Actually, it is quite easy to remove a 300nm thin layer of silver particle ink only with a knife or a cutter. However, they will lead to the destruction of the coating layer on paper surface, which in turn, result in a non-rewritable area. In order to maintain the coating, we experimented with several kinds of solids and solvents, and concluded that melamine sponge and alcohol are the most feasible in terms of erase/rewrite aspects.
Using them together, we can insulate circuits over 10MΩ/□ within 100s, and make them conductive again at most under 100Ω/□ within 10s. The combination of melamine sponge and alcohol allows you to erase and rewrite the conductive pattern approximately 2.3 times. Furthermore, they are off-the-shelf and safe even for children to use.
Now, you are free to try and make an error in your silver ink electronic design, because our Eraser will help you to fix it easily.

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